Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector Review

I had not thought about metal detectors until my 6 years old son suddenly developed a love for searching and detecting things. He was always in the backyard searching for things; and informing me about every single thing he discovered. Upon noting this hidden but interesting passion, I decided to look online and see whether they had tools for kids that could be used for fun when detecting objects around the home. To my amazement. I found many products to choose from. Upon deeper search for user reviews, one product in particular had excellent reviews and I got interested further. I’m talking about the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector. It did not take long to make an order and within no time, I received this product for my son. Below is an honest review highlighting how this product works and in general how I found it.
The Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector comes with 2 dynamic knobs where one is for sensitivity while the other one is an eliminator. It also comes with a target meter and sound functionalities. The most outstanding thing when I first saw this product is how lightweight it is; making it an ideal design for kids. It also features 2 9volt alkaline batteries. This product is suitable for kids who are 12 years and below and this is one of the reasons why I got it for my son. Most of these features make for an ergonomic design which makes the product very easy to use; especially for kids. This product also comes with a coil that is weather resistant ensuring that my son does his detective work whenever he wants.

 What I loved about Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Detector

In line with the positive reviews I had read online about this product. I was happy to confirm that most of the pros were accurate. To begin with, I liked that this detector did not cost an arm and a leg; it was very affordable. The second thing is its functionality. This is to say that it could detect objects accurately while discriminating objects that were not relevant. The detector has the power to detect coin-seized objects which are up to 5 inches deep. In addition, larger items can be detected when they are 3 feet deep. I found this to be very interesting, reinforcing that this was indeed value for money.

Product Features

  • Perfect size for a child.
  • Target indicator; emits a tone or beep as the metal detector closes in on a buried item.
  • Detects small objects (coins) up to 5-inches in depth and large objects up to 3-ft in depth.
  • Dial to eliminate detection of iron or similar unwanted objects.
  • Ergonomic and lightweight design.
  • Adjustable stem.
  • Dimensions are approx. 57-inch x 9-inch x 10-inch.
  • Batteries: runs on two 9-volt batteries; Battery tester also included.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Reviews & Ratings.

I like the fact that as interesting objects are discovered, the sound dynamic will inform my son what to expect and this has made the overall product fascinating. As you get closer to the target, the volume increases. The discriminating element of the product ensures that iron is eliminated together with other unwanted items. I was impressed by the clear and concise user manual which made my work easier. After removing it from the box, I could use the product immediately because of the ease of use; it is not a complicated detector. I found the product quite sturdy and to this effect, I could trust it with my son.

The fact that the Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector is lightweight makes all the difference. It is also a versatile product to have and use First, my son used it in the backyard. Later, we were able to use it at the park and even at the beach. It functions without a hitch and this is definitely commendable. This detector added some good fun in life and I have not hesitated to be part of this fun. We have been able to find exciting stuff as we explore different locations. I’m delighted to know that it will also work where serious business is concerned. For example, if I lose a metal item, I can rest assured that I will find it with ease.

There is no doubt that I recommend this product to anyone who is looking this direction. I cannot find anything bad to say about this detector. In addition to being affordable, it was full value for my money. Above all, I’m happy to see a huge smile on my son’s face when he is going about his detective work. I have no doubt that his passion will blossom into something positive that makes a difference in society. This detector is widely available and you can order online to your delight.