Various Metal Detector sizes and Applications

Metal detectors are devices that are useful in discovering device made from metal or metal itself. These devices may have different sizes and designs. The tasks they carry out, however, are usually still similar and are very useful in many places, where they are used on a daily basis.


Applications of Metal Detectors

Nowadays, metal detectors have exceeded their traditional uses and they can be utilized in a variety of ways which include:


They are commonly used for safety reasons. Law enforcers and other security personnel employ the usage of these gadgets in detecting what people(read for info may be carrying )on their bodies or bags. The concept is helpful in shops public inns, malls, etc.

Medical Purpose:

The invention has also been useful in the medical world to detect metallic objects that patients might have swallowed. In the case of gun wounds, doctors use it to identify the locations of bullets in the human body.


ln the field of archaeology, the device has been used during excavations to unmask metallic artifacts. Owing to this technology, there has been a tremendous breakthrough in the archaeological field as many more artifacts have been discovered.

Mineral Detection:

This tool is indeed useful in detecting land mines and another assortment of underground treasures like gold, diamond and metallic minerals. Mineral prospects out of this technology have something to smile about.

The various Metal Detector sizes

Handheld size:

Most metal detectors that are common are usually the handheld size. To enhance convenience in carrying them, they are usually made light enough. For safety, metal detectors are made to be safe for people. They are made in such a way that they are skin friendly; they will not produce any radiation that is harmful to the body.

Mass Detection size:

Mass detection metal detectors are a bit large in comparison to their smaller handheld metal detectors. These kinds of metal detectors come in handy where checking of individuals by use of handheld detectors is not felt appropriate. This is great if some people find it insulting to be checked using the portable metal detectors.

Parts that make up a Metal Detector

Two essential segments compose a metal detector

Control Box:

Metal detectors usually have a control box that contains in it the controls, battery, microprocessor, circuitry and the speaker.


The coil is the second part and which is used in sensing a metal. Most metal detectors have a shaft that connects the coil to the control box. Additionally, a metal detector may have a stabilizer to control stability when the detector is moved back and forth.

Buying Metal Detectors

When purchasing a metal detector, there are a few tips that can guide you through the buying process:


Metal detectors vary in price depending on the features, so buy one that will not inconvenience you regarding the cost, and still possess great features.


Place of Use:

Not all metal detectors are built the same. Some are designed for different application in different locations. For example, if you plan to use the metal detector on the beach, get one that is waterproof.


The length of Use:

The operating time of metal detectors varies based on the battery life. Some can work for as long as 24 hours, while others do not last as long. Most models need rechargeable or replaceable batteries, while some have charging kits.



Like all your other appliances and belongings, choose a metal detector based on its durability. Do not get one that looks and feels like it will not last long under your normal usage.



Metal detectors that can be upgraded or allow other devices to added or attached to them are better choices than ones that do not allow improvement.



A metal detector has to be precise and maintain accurate detection. Therefore, test the metal detector before you buy it. If it cannot detect small pieces of metal or jewelry nearby, then do not get it, even if it is cheap.

In conclusion, do not be afraid to ask for suggestions from other people. They might know a better or cheaper model that can save you from a wrong choice. To get the best and updated information, ask an expert who is knowledgeable about metal detectors.


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