Metal Detector for beach: Time for Some Unstoppable Fun

Beaches have been one of the hottest vacation destinations. The unlimited fun and picturesque beauty make white sand a perfect vacation spot. But there are lots more that make beach happening and exciting. There are lots of hidden treasures scattered all over the beach, so this vacation plan a treasure hunt. Don’t forget to take a metal detector to the beach and start digging the sand in the quest for lost treasure! From rings, stones to pieces of gold you might find just anything on your hunting excursion. You might find some junk as well, so be prepared and remember all that glitters is not gold, especially at the seashore. Pack your beachwear, accessories, towel and yeah metal detector for a secret surprise.

Recently I and my fiancee planned a beach vacation. But this time we want to try something new.

Metal Detector for beach (2)

The idea of filtering the sand and collecting stuff is exciting enough. So, this time we decided why not try metal detector for a beach. Our vacation was great, but as a novice, we encountered lots of glitches and confusion. So, I decided to pen down our experience and let other help in planning a better metal detector beach vacation.

If it is your first treasure hunt vacation at the beach, then you must be looking for basic tips to make your venture successful. Here we are sharing some top important metal detecting tips at a beach that one might find useful in dry as well as wet sand. Let’s learn where to start and how to start to get some cool and exciting stuff.

Using the Right Metal Detector for the Beach:

Selecting a right detector is a must. Shop for relic machines or underwater metal detectors and choose the right one. There you can find bells, whistles, earring, rings, badge, coins, broken metal piece and lots more stuff. Explore the internet and learn about various metal detectors and their purposes. This will definitely help you in picking up the right piece for your vacation.

The first and foremost step is to learn how to reach the right spot. Choose a beach that you are aware of. When you have been a regular part of the location you will be well aware of the facts like when the sand level is high or low, the popular swimming location and by what time the routing cleanup crew comes to routine cleaning. All this gives you required information to plan a successful hunt. This will definitely help you in finding more valuables in your search.

What Are the Beach Metal Detecting Dry Sand Hotspots?

To get, the more from the hunt, you must be well aware with the beach. People mostly visit a beach just to soak up the sun, play in the water and relax. Almost all the beaches have its activity spot, focus on that area, as this area witness maximum activity. Places like a volleyball court, horseshoe or entry and exit point of the beach can provide more stuff than the other parts.

80 you can start your hunt from volleyball court with the hope to get some valuable stuff.

Metal Detector for beach (1)

Consider the weather as well. While the weather is chilling and water is cold, there are fewer chances of activities so there will be less chance of finding valuable as well- Choose a beach that is buzzing with people and activity and you will definitely grab some valuable stuff to show off at the end of the vacation. If you are new to beach metal detection then starting from the dry sand area will be more rewarding than wet areas.

Where to focus

Concentrate on unique landmarks; these are the area that catches people’s attention easily. Places like sand dunes and trees can provide you a rich hunting ground. People like to throw their stuff at landmark so that they can easily relocate it. There you find lots of lost stuff.

Lifeguard tower:

It is another popular place for metal detection. There you can find coins of different assortments.

Fire pits:

Digging fire pits will also help you in finding some valuable stuff. There you can find rings, anklets and lots of other stuff.

Don’t forget to carry metal detector finds the pouch. The pouch will hold all the stuff that you collected on your hunt. It also has a drain hole to keep the stuff clean. Hope these tips will help you in planning a successful beach vacation!


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